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Welkin Sciences performs challenging projects for various DoD agencies and prime contractors. Our core expertise in real-time digital signal processing implementations has solved our customer's needs with on-time, on-budget, and performance compliant deliveries.

Leveraging the DoD's Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program, we have successfully transitioned our R&D efforts into turn-key equipment that is fielded and in use by organizations such as the Army, MIssile Defense Agency, and Air Force as well as several prime contractors. Our SBIR commercialization index is over 80% and includes several successful Phase 3 programs. Read about some of our success stories in this article published by the Small Business Innovative Research office.

Our key projects are summarized below and our SBIR history is available at the DoD's SBIR website.


Programmable Waveform-Independent Digital Processor for Digital-RF Satellite Communications developed the Configurable Basestation Processor (CBP) which is a MIL-STD-188-165A compliant multi-carrier modem for CERDEC's All Digital SATCOM Terminal and the FAST program.

Wideband Multi-Carrier Digital Upconverter developed the Direct L-band Converter (DLBC) providing 1 GHz of bandwidth at L-band which replaces the traditional analog L-band interface in SATCOM terminals with an all-digital architecture also in support of CERDEC's FAST program.

Missile Defense Agency

Performance Enhancement of In-Flight Interceptor Communication System (IFICS) developed a robust modem to support end-game imagery from the interceptor kill vehicle to the ground terminal.

HWIL Fading Channel Simulator for Testing Kill Vehicles & IFICS Modems for Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) established the Configurable Link Test Set (CoLTS) as the preeminent fading channel simulator used by the MDA to test missile data links under wartime propagation environments, including nuclear scintillation.

HWIL Channel Simulator for Communication System Testing continued adding capabilities to the CoLTS and tested the unit in preparation for certification by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

Source: Missle Defense Agency

Air Force

MILSATCOM Atmospheric Scintillation Simulator (MASS) was developed for the Air Force to test the anti-scintillation (A/S) capabilities of satellites and associated ground terminals.


AN/SLQ-32 IFM/CFR Upgrade provided DSP-based improvements to instantaneous frequency and pulse width measurements in the presence of interference.

Submersible GPS Enhancement and Playback System utilized adaptive beamforming, signal processing, and recording to provide GPS capability for submarines.


Provided design, development, and test services to several prime contractors primarily in the areas of scintillation testing, receiver designs, and mitigation techniques. We are interested in supporting prime contractors as a subcontractor and also working with primes to help transition SBIR technologies into programs.

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