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FAST-Compliant Digital IF Products — (TIA 5041 Compliant)
GSA Contract 47QTCA19D0035

Our FAST-compliant products enable Digital IF earth terminal architectures by replacing analog L-band equipment, the DCS and the WSP. These turn-key products are compliant with the TIA 5041 FAST Open Standard Digital IF Interface (OSDI). Engineering Services and training available. Digital IF white paper

Digital Conversion Subsystem (DCS)Digital Conversion Subsystem (DCS) provides digital conversion of standard analog L-band interfaces in the uplink and downlink paths (125 MHz of aggregate bandwidth in each direction). The interface to the WSP is via Ethernet fiber optic links. DCS data sheet
Wideband Signal Processor (WSP)
Wideband Signal Processor (WSP) On the downlink, the WSP converts signal samples to quadrature baseband for compatibility with Digital Modems (DMs) and/or Legacy Modem Data Converters (LMDC). For the uplink, the WSP aggregates signals from a large collection of input baseband carriers. WSP data sheet

Legacy Modem Data Converter (LMDC)
Legacy Modem Data Converter (LMDC) is the technology transition product that provides the interface between legacy analog L-band modems and modern Digital IF terminals. LMDC data sheet
FAST Interface Firmware Core (FIFC) diagram
FAST Interface Firmware Core (FIFC) enables Digital Modem developers to mitigate risk in development of FAST-compliant equipment. Xilinx and Intel/Altera cores are available. Engineering integration support is also available. FIFC data sheet
Digital IF Vector Analyzer (DIVA)

Digital IF Vector Analyzer (DIVA) eases verification of compliance with the TIA-5041 Digital IF standard. Provides continuous real-time monitoring of Digital IF traffic including clasification of packets. DIVA data sheet

HWIL Scintillation Simulators — (GSA Contract 47QTCA19D0035)

Our hardware-in-the-loop scintillation simulators have been certified by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) for testing anti-scintillation (A/S) performance of protected MILSATCOM links and equipment. These turn-key products are delivered with operatorís manual, training and warranty. Technical support also available for testing.

Configurable Link Test Set (CoLTS-LC)Configurable Link Test Set (CoLTS-LC) CoLTS-LC provides frequency selective fading over 125 MHz instantaneous bandwidths with tunable L-band input/output interfaces. CoLTS-LC is a modernized and lower cost version of the original CoLTS unit which was used to verify A/S performance of the PAAWNS modem (Protected A/S A/J Wideband Net-centric System). CoLTS-LC data sheet

MILSATCOM Atmospheric Scintillation Simulator (MASS)MILSATCOM Atmospheric Scintillation Simulator (MASS) provides wideband flat fading for both uplink and downlink paths with bandwidths up to 2 GHz. L, S, and C-band interfaces are standard and other bands are available.
MASS data sheet
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Customized Products & Engineering Services

Our product architectures are modular and utilize software/firmware implementations providing convenient building blocks from which we quickly develop customized products for your specific application. Our engineers listen to your requirements and collaborate with you on the best implementation. Our product interfaces and functions are adapted to support custom or legacy interfaces to mitigate affecting existing systems. Our seasoned engineers support your project at an affordable rate.

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